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5 Favorites from . . . Jodi McKay!

Author Jodi McKay and friends

Jodi McKay lives in Michigan with her husband, son, and two furry friends. She is the PAL coordinator for SCBWI-MI and is active in several online writing groups. She has two books published by Albert Whitman & Co., WHERE ARE THE WORDS? (2016) and, PENCIL'S PERFECT PICTURE (May, 2019).


So what are Jodi’s 5 Favorites?:


My favorite place to write:

Outside, although I become easily distracted out there.

My favorite mentor text: 

Ooh, I hope it's okay to name a few! For humor- Elwood Bigfoot by Jill Esbaum, for heart- The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld, and for narrative non-fiction- The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos by Deborah Heiligman.

My favorite writing tip:

Write down what your intention is for your manuscript (to entertain, evoke feelings, offer an opportunity to reflect) as well as what the main question of the story is (Ex. How do you make a friend, what happens when you lose your lovey, etc.) and keep it by your computer. It's helpful to be reminded of both and it will keep your writing focused.

My favorite marketing tip:

For marketing I would suggest being careful with how you spend your money. Book swag is really fun to hand out, but take note of what people want and what they pass by. From a promotional stand-point I would say, connect with people. This may be bookstore owners, social media buddies, teachers, your local librarian, parents. Don't try to sell your book, try to connect over books in general. Build relationships based on your love of reading and you will find these people becoming champions of both you and your books!

My favorite book event of the year:

I really enjoy the yearly SCBWI conferences. They are a great way to hit the refresh button and stir up the creative flow.

To learn more about Jodi, visit her website.

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