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Karlin Gray

Karlin Gray grew up as a Navy “brat”—moving every year or two. After living in 13 homes (3 of which were in Japan!) and attending eight schools, Karlin moved again to Florida (where she worked on her B.A. in Creative Writing at Florida State University), Virginia (where she worked for newspaper publishers), New York (where she worked for book publishers), and Connecticut (where she works as a children's writer). She is the author of NADIA: THE GIRL WHO COULDN’T SIT STILL , AN EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY MOTHSERENA: THE LITTLEST SISTER, ANNE and HER TOWER OF GIRAFFES, and MIA AND FRIENDS, a graphic novel coming August 2024.
When she's not writing, Karlin shares book recommendations on her TrueStory BookshopTPT, and TikTok