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5 Favorites from . . . Gina Perry!

Once upon a time, Gina Perry picked wild blueberries, floated on lakes in her inner tube, and was always on the lookout for a real moose in the woods. Now she writes and illustrates books for young readers from her New Hampshire home, where she lives with three monsters: her husband and two kids. Today she takes a short break from her moose lookout to tell us about her 5 Favorites:


My favorite place to write:

Curled up in my little teal office chair.


My favorite mentor text:

The Chicken of the Family by Mary Amato


My favorite writing tip:

Always be working on the next thing.


My favorite marketing tip:

Connect with your booksellers. Your event is a blink of time. They are finding books everyday for their readers.


My favorite book event of the year:

I absolutely loved KidLitCon this year. It was a cozy and wonderful blend of authors, librarians, and bloggers. I learned a lot and got to spend quality time with old and new friends.


To learn more about Gina and her work, visit her website.

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