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#FirstPictureBook Flashback

“I still can't get over the fact that the book I drew in my cramped little spare room in our old flat is now being read by children all across the world. It's amazing really.”—author/illustrator David Litchfield

In July 2016, I interviewed David Litchfield about his #firstpicturebook THE BEAR AND THE PIANO. So what has David been up to since then? THE BEAR, THE PIANO, THE DOG & THE FIDDLE and GRANDAD’S SECRET GIANT along with illustrating several books for other writers! To revisit his #firstpicturebook Q&A, click here.

To learn more about David’s author/illustrator work, follow these links:

GRANDAD’S SECRET GIANT: “Funny, touching and visually stunning, this really is a book to treasure.”—Daily Mail

THE BEAR, THE PIANO, THE DOG & THE FIDDLE: Coming March 2019. Preorder now!

See more of David’s illustration work at his website.
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