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True Story Blog

An Extraordinary Ordinary Moth

Almost two years after my #firstpicturebook was published, my second picture book is here! Check out my blog tour where I share my inspiration for the book, writing tips, a list of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts, and the best thing I did while waiting for my book to be published:

Author spotlight and writing tips.

Maria Marshall’s Blog
My inspiration for the book and list of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Celebrate Picture Books
“Through her vivacious rhymes, Karlin Gray elevates the “ordinary” back-porch moth to star status with fascinating facts that will lure kids to discover more.”

Pragmatic Mom
“This rhyming picture book covers a range of moth species and spreads a message of looking deeper to find what is unique and special in all creatures.”

Literary Hoots
The Best Thing I Did While Waiting for My book to be Published.

KidLit Coffee Talk
From my favorite coffee to my favorite books.

Picture Book Depot
“This is a sweet little book about moths that can double as a pick-me-up for any child who isn’t feeling special at the moment.”

Rebecca Grabill’s Blog
“A delight for the eyes and a fascinating look at the most ordinary of extraordinary creatures, the moth.

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