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It's Spring Break—time for going outside, finding worms, and sneezing! So click on the links below to take a look back at these Q&As for FINDING WILD, WORM WEATHER, and ACHOO!

Megan Wagner Lloyd: "I wanted to celebrate nature and the special connection kids--and, really, all of us--can experience when we take the time to notice the beauty and wild all around us."

Jean Taft: "One day when I was walking my dog in the rain and the worms were out on the sidewalk, it hit me: drip-drop-skip-and-hop. And WORM WEATHER the rhyming story was born!"

Shennen Bersani: "I got hooked on the thought of pollen, children's allergies, and how I could educate kids about the importance of that messy, irritating stuff everyone loves to hate. Once I earnestly researched pollen I knew I was onto something big."
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Megan Wagner Lloyd has helped organize community literacy and art events and taught creative writing to fourth graders. She is allergic to all animals with fur or feathers but that doesn't stop her from embracing nature. Today she shares the story behind FINDING WILD—a "sparkling debut" (Publishers Weekly) in bookstores May 10th. Read More 
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